The objective of the PDB is to gather experience and expertise in the areas of dummy technology, simulation and biomechanics.

By checking and improving test equipment and the corresponding virtual models, the PDB helps manufacturers to reliably fulfil their high quality standards in the field of vehicle safety.

Global markets require international rules and standards. International harmonisation of existing and future standards in the field of passive vehicle safety is therefore essential.
The PDB participates in national and international committees, where it supports worldwide efforts towards harmonisation.

The effective structure of the PDB clearly enhances efficiency in respect of competitively neutral topics by avoiding duplication of work and utilising synergies. Practical communication and decision-making channels ensure that new requirements and development opportunities are implemented without delay.

In order to meet the quality standards of German motor vehicles, the latest research results have to be constantly analysed and evaluated. It is the task of the PDB to gather, prepare and distribute information from the world of science and research which is of relevance to its areas of expertise.



Partnership for Dummy Technology and Biomechanics

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